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Adobe Photoshop is the industry leading graphic design and photograph editing software by Adobe System. At Adobe Training, we offer Adobe Photoshop training classes- advanced, tips and tricks, and career enhancement Photoshop classes. Adobe Training offers one-on-one via online or onsite training at your place of work with a minimum of 4 attendees. All training can be customized to your specific needs.
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Photoshop Fundamentals Class Days: 2 | Cost: $795
This two-day course is geared toward the beginner to intermediate user. We will start with the basics and go through all the tools and techniques you need to feel comfortable starting to work in Photoshop - the workspace and interface, layers, selections, retouching, image correction, saving your files and more.

Photoshop Intermediate Class Days: 2 | Cost: $795
This two-day course is geared toward the intermediate user, someone who is self-taught and been using Photoshop for awhile. We will start with preferences, understanding how to set up your files correctly for both print and the we. Learn amazing and fast tips to make you more productive in the workspace and more creative, understand layers, channels and paths, the many types of selections, understand retouching and image correction all the while working non-destructively..

Photoshop Advanced Class Days: 2 | Cost: $795
This two-day course is geared toward the intermediate user. We will cover tools and techniques you need to speed up your work in Photoshop, including layers and channels, selections, color correction, curves, color management and more.

Photoshop Color Correction Class Days: 1 | Cost: 395
Learn the 3 points of tru color correction, understand when an image needs color corrected or color adjusted. This class will teach you how to make color adjustments non-destructively.

Photoshop Retouch Class Days: 2 | Cost: $795
I welcome all who are interested in this two-day course is geared toward those who want and need to understand the art fo photo retouch. There are many tools, some destructive and others are not. You will learn the correct technical ways plus how to manipulate images that just don't fil the norm.

Photoshop Tips & Tricks Class Days: 1 | Cost: $395
Looking for fast and effective ways to speed up your work? Spend a day with us exploring the effective use of keyboard shortcuts as well as other interface features, styles, actions and techniques to improve your workflow.

Photoshop Career Enhancement Class Days: 1 | Cost: $395
Photoshop Career Enhancement? The class is designed for those using Photoshop who may not have been keeping up all the various ways of non-destructive workflow, or using actions whether you use those built in or creating your own. You will learn shortcuts, great basics and advanced understanding using the Pen Tool correctly, color correction and styles (yes styles). Learn to use layers and layer comps fluently enough for a more powerful experience with InDesign. If you are looking for a new job or needing to brush up your skills for the job you have, this class is for you.

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