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Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development application by Adobe Systems. Adobe Training, we offer Adobe Dreamweaver training classes- basics, fundamentals, down and dirty web design, and career enhancement Dreamweaver classes. Adobe Training offers one-on-one via online or onsite training at your place of work with a minimum of 4 attendees. All training can be customized to your specific needs. Back to class list



Dreamweaver Fundamentals Class Days: 3 | Cost: $1095
Explore the fundamentals of today's most popular visual Web design tool in this three day course. Adobe Dreamweaver combines powerful visual layout tools, application development features and code editing support. You will learn about the environment, CSS styles, tables, layers, forms, frames, general design tips and tricks, uploading your page to the Internet and more. Fireworks lets users import files from all major graphics formats as well as manipulate both vector and bitmap images to quickly create graphics and interactivity. Images can be easily exported to Dreamweaver, Flash and third-party applications.

Down & Dirty Web Design Class Days: 1 | Cost: $495
First we explore the glories of Fireworks, bringing in images from Photoshop and Illustrator. Use Fireworks as the basic layout and design of your website with drop down menus, and roll-over buttons.Next we learn the understanding of slide and dice, down and dirty web design. When the site comes to a completion we then optimize the site that is best used for low file size web browsers. After lunch we explore the ease of Adobe Dreamweaver, bring in our Fireworks design, clean up the site and make every thing function before uploading it for all the world to see. This class is a one day class crammed pack of details, and fun. We do not go over all the ways of building a web site but you do learn to create a site that you can design, edit and create more for clients, friends and family. You will also learn how to upload your site to a web hosting server.

Dreamweaver Career Enhancement Class Days: 1 | Cost: $495
Dreamweaver Career Enhancement classes are designed for those using Dreamweaver but not daily enough to get the most functionality out of the application. During this one day class, you will learn how to use CSS (cascading style sheets) along with HTML and Tables to create a nice, easy to edit and update website. We will also go over how to manage your site, the properties inspector and how to set up your preferences. If you are looking for a new job or needing to brush up your skills for the job you have, this class is for you.


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