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Adobe Training KC/PNW - Update

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Special code discounts for classes are now available. If you, your company , a co-worker, family member or friend are interested in taking an Adobe training class, then this is the place to be. There are a few options for discounts based on a "Class Code" and previous attendance. Class Codes are discount options available thru our monthly e-newsletter, or online web discounts found thru Google searches or our "Places" page via Google. The other discounts available are for those who have already taken a 2 or 3 day training class, these classes are called "Review Training".


Class Code (see information above): Sign up and pre-pay for a training class, and receive a percentage discount off training. Class Codes discounts depend on the code and special available.

• E-Newsletter - Percentage discount when you sign up and pre-pay using a special class code. 15% off for any 2 day or 3 day class or 20% off when you prepay for two, 2 day or 3 day training classes.

• Web ads - Pecentage discounts avaialable thru various web advertising. Google ads, Google Places or Map ads, Hotfrog and others. Percentage discounts available thru placed web advertising will have a "Code" in the add for you to enter into the online sign up form.

• Print ads - At times discounts are available thru approved print advertising, from events, newspapers, newsletters and more. If your find a print ad offering a discount without a code and it looks legit, please let us know. We may just accept the discount, you never know.

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